Our greatest strength is our team

We can’t say it often enough: our strength lies in our people. They are the ones who make it possible for our steel structures to be sent across the world, who enable us to be Europe’s most innovative steelworks, and who have knowledge of BIMleanBREEAM and Design & Build. . They enable us to realise stunning projects and can meet the tightest timeframes, and that we are fast, flexible and innovative. They ensure that we are valued by our clients, win awards and have been in the business for over 50 years. 

Always we, never I

We are a family company and we also act like one. Nobody can do things alone; we need everyone. That means we work as a real team. For and with each other, without a silo mentality, without a hierarchy. We make things together, we stand together and we think together. It’s always we, never I.

We employ true craftsmen who enjoy making things with their hands as well as people who think it’s fantastic to operate a welding robot. This combination enables us to offer a solution for all our clients’ requirements, which is something we’re very proud of. 

Responsible together

We also feel it is important to think in terms of opportunities rather than difficulties. Grasping opportunities, creative thinking, being solution oriented. Stuck? Not sure what to do? Then we’ll look at it together and solve it together. 

Working together also creates a good atmosphere. You know you don’t have to face things alone, because we are all responsible. And it feels nicer to make something great together than to do it on your own. Because then you can celebrate it together too.

Our employees