Unique steel products from Reijrink Products

As well as steel structures for buildings, we also produce steel structures for offshore, infra and civil and hydraulic engineering sectors. A fantastic, complex discipline due to extremely high dimensioning and finishing requirements. This includes lifting beams and crane and outrigger pads for heavy lifting companies, steel supports, hoisting systems, to gantries for signals and variable signs for along the motorway (Belgium) and noise barriers. 

Our clients include TenneT, Mammoet, the Flemish government, Movi and Ecovat. For Ecovat, for example, we produced a hoisting system that can lift 1,000 tonnes; extreme precision work. We also build this under supervision of a Nobo (notified body), namely Lloyds Register.

A solution for every demand

None of the products from Reijrink Products is a standard product. Products are always the result of smart automation and ‘traditional’ manual work. This challenge, rethinking how to make something as smart as possible, each time really suits our company.

We always grasp new opportunities and technologies with both hands, so we remain precise, fast and efficient and enable our clients to benefit from this. Our employees are just as important. We employ true craftsmen who enjoy making things with their hands as well as people who think it’s fantastic to operate a robot. This combination enables us to offer a solution for all our clients’ requirements, which is something we’re very proud of.