For a work in Weener we were able to take care of the production and assembly of approximately 265,000 kg of steel for the steel construction for the frame of a condenser. This condenser is being built by ACC Team Technology in collaboration with ADS-Ertner BV for a paper factory. 

Because more steam is produced in this factory than is needed for the manufacturing process, the surplus is passed through a turbine, which gives you power. To get the steam out of the turbine at the lowest possible pressure, the condenser is needed, which cools with ambient air. This is very environmentally friendly because only air is cooled and nothing is polluted due to a 100% closed system. 

The special thing about this assignment is the 29-metre-long steel pipes that we produced for this purpose. The tubes have a diameter of 1.5 meters and a weight of 13,000 kg each. The pipes were transported to Weener under supervision with exceptional transport.

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