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Do you prefer learning with your hands? Do you want a strong profession with lots of development opportunities? Come and work with us and with steel! Steel is a fantastic product. You can make simply everything with it and it’s 100% recyclable. With over 120 employees and two sites in North Brabant, we design and produce steel structures that are literally sent all around the world. We are an innovative company with an international approach, a strong family tradition and a close team. You can work and learn close to home or further away, high in construction or with both feet firmly on the ground. Read more about what it’s like to work with us.

Together Reijrink

As a family company, we are well aware of the responsibilities we have towards our employees and society. For us, corporate social responsibility is not something that we ‘add on’; it’s a real spearhead within our company. In every choice we make, we make a consideration between company, people and the environment. 

We are also actively involved in society in the villages around us. We sponsor numerous local activities to retain social amenities in these villages. Sponsorship of sports clubs also offers us the opportunity to get and stay in contact with future employees. 

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