Stalls for livestock farming, for farmers, for potato storage, field sheds for housing machinery, mushroom farming: we make it all. And not only for businesses in the Netherlands. Our engineers and project leaders regularly fly to France, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom for projects. They also visit Russia, the United States, Canada, Congo, the Philippines, South Africa and many more countries. 

Fast and reliable

Our added value lies in contributing our own ideas, our speed and our delivery reliability, while our extensive automation and digitisation enable us to make steel structures with extreme efficiency. And having everything in-house, from engineering to spraying, and from coating to transport of our steel structures, makes us fast and reliable. 

We also often assemble prefabricated components for our clients, including concrete walls and wooden roofs. Why only make the steel structure if we can also assemble the entire superstructure? The latter makes our work even faster and more efficient.