Our division: Reijrink Skellet BV is a great collaboration with Skellet Genk (BE). They are the creator and developer of the patented 100% reusable steel construction system. With this collaboration we accelerate the development of circular solutions within the steel sector. A great step forward in our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We operate this division from the location on the A58 in Tilburg.

100% Circular

Skellet is the circular construction system with endless possibilities, every time. Skellet can be disassembled down to the smallest part. Both the profiles and the connecting pieces are completely reusable in every conceivable project. Due to their reusability, the profiles and connecting pieces also retain a higher residual value.

Easy assembly

Only a sawing machine and a rivet gun are required to assemble a Skellet system. Welding on the construction can be completely omitted with Skellet. Thanks to its modular character, a Skeleton construction can also be easily adapted or expanded.


By building light and circular, the use of new raw materials is limited. Light construction also ensures that fewer loads are needed.

100% Circular construction down to the smallest detail!

About Reijrink Skellet

Structural engineering

In addition to the lower weight and significant cost savings, Skellet offers other important advantages compared to traditional construction. The system is 100% dimensionally stable, builds a lot faster and is modular and expandable.


Light profiles, simplicity and dimensional stability ensure a system that can be mounted and assembled extremely quickly. With simple tools, projects can be completed up to 50% faster.

Less Steel

With the Skellet steel construction system you consume up to 60% less steel for similar strengths and spans. Saving weight means saving costs. Our worldwide patented cross profile is the basis of our construction system. The strong box profile is possible thanks to the recessed surfaces can be easily linked with other profiles. This makes it possible to be light and efficient to build without sacrificing structural integrity carrying capacity. Large spans and high loads remain possible!


The 25mm grid of the Skellet system reduces the sensitivity to errors during design and mounting. As a builder, we can get started with simple tools. A blind rivet gun and a saw are all that is needed is to get started.

100% dimensionally stable

Thanks to the self-centering blind rivets, your construction is 100% dimensionally stable. You build faster and faster more precisely through all subsequent phases of your project.

Flexible, modular and expandable

A construction with Skellet is easy to implement to expand, adapt or convert. Skellet is the perfect system for design-&-build projects and to build modular products. Our profiles are in stock and are design independent.


Skellet is the only structural building product that guarantees not only technical but also economic reusability. Reuse is cheaper than new profiles.

Technical reusability

When dismantling Skellet constructions, in principle only the blind rivets are lost. All Skellet profiles and connectors remain intact and can be immediately reused.

Economic reusability

We speak of economic reusability if reusing a product is cheaper than purchasing a new product. Economic reusability requires 2 conditions:

  • Low disassembly costs. Skellet can be dismantled easily and quickly thanks to the connections with blind rivets.
  • Design independently. Due to the uniformity of the system, profiles can easily be used in other applications after they have been dismantled. This is necessary to create a functioning second-hand market in the future.

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