Non-residential construction

Whether we are working on offices, cinemas, schools or shopping centres, we like to help build the most pleasant environment possible, whatever the scale.

Tight timeframes

We were involved in the large-scale renovation and new-build of Hilvertshof shopping centre in Hilversum, where it was vital that shops could remain open during the works. For that reason, the renovation took place in phases with extremely tight schedules. 

To ensure that everything ran exactly as agreed, all implementing parties were involved from the very start. Contributing ideas and being flexible and solution-oriented were crucial to this project. We delivered Just in Time, often worked on the assembly during the night to reduce nuisance to visitors and we not only assembled the steel structure, but also laid the concrete hollow-core slab floor.

Fast and flexible

This was a project close to our hearts, and we do many similar projects. Because if there’s one thing that distinguishes us to our clients, it’s our speed and flexibility, combined with our quality. This distinctive capacity is made possible through the efforts of our people, automation, digitisation, good cooperation and extremely smart process design. 

Unique design

We were also involved in Meubelplein Ekkersrijt furniture centre to the north of Eindhoven. This is an iconic building with eighteen specially assembled, curved rod columns. 1,250 decorative, double-curved noggings were ‘draped’ around the columns. The ‘tagliatelle’ was finished with characteristic laser-cut panels that were also installed on the façade. The arch of the steel passage roof varies from 10 to 35 metres. As the height of the inside arch increases with the outside arch, a rod and rhombus pattern is created in the passage. Another project we’re really proud of!