Industrial halls

We are regularly contracted by contractors and end users to build industrial halls for a diverse range of companies, including printers, car companies, packaging companies and machine builders. And clients often return to us with new contracts, such as site extensions.  

Design & Build

We are increasingly being asked by contractors to work in accordance with Design & Build principles. This means being responsible for both the design and the construction. We really enjoy these kinds of projects because we’re involved from the very start, helping devise the best design and most efficient production method. It’s an opportunity for us to make optimum use of our specialist knowledge. 

Even faster and more efficient

Speed and efficiency were key to the new Hebels industrial hall in Oosterhout. Hebels gave us the dimensions and specifications and we produced the design and the structure, as well as taking care of the assembly. The Hebels industrial hall now houses two heavy cranes, each with a 25-tonne lifting capacity. The advantage of Design & Build is that, throughout the process, we can optimise the use of our machinery and coordinate everything relating to production technology. This enables us to work faster and more efficiently and offer our client a better price/quality ratio.