Reijrink in all its facets

The foundations for Reijrink Staalconstructie were laid in 1967. It started when Toon Reijrink started repairing tractors and built a livestock building in a shed at the back of his parent’s house in Haghorst. Father gave him a small amount of start-up capital to buy welding equipment and that was it. 50 years on and we have expanded to become an internationally operating company with over 100 fantastic employees. Our steel structures leave our Someren and Esbeek sites for delivery across the globe. Read how we did this, our plans for the future and what we consider important here.

This fantastic development is all down to people being good with their hands!

We are a family company and we act like one. Nobody can do things alone; we need everyone. That means we work as a real team. For and with each other, without a silo mentality, without a hierarchy. We make things together, we stand together and we think together. It’s always we, never I.

We employ true craftsmen who enjoy making things with their hands as well as people who think it’s fantastic to operate a welding robot. This combination enables us to offer a solution for all our clients’ requirements, which is something that we’re very proud of. 


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