Being good with our hands makes the difference!

If there is anything that characterises our team, it’s that we enjoy making beautiful things together. When we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary, we welcomed over 4,000 people to our open day. One thing came up time after time in responses from visitors: our employees talk about their work with immense pride and passion. We’ve never received as many unsolicited job applications as we did after that day. Our employees are our best ambassadors.

Everything in-house

We have all the disciplines in-house to make a complete product. A calculation department and drawing office with its own senior design engineer. Planners and project leaders to oversee everything and keep projects on track. Work planners to ensure the steel arrives on time and manage the workshop employees. A high-tech workshop with welding coordinators, welding finishers, assemblers, machine operators, logistics employees and warehouse employees, including our own spraying service with spray technicians. And field employees with our own drivers, assemblers, crane drivers, a financial administration and our Board of Directors, Willem and Frank (also our own IWT expert).

The door is always open

We are a well-attuned team and make sure that our people do work that enables them to fulfil their potential. So that they always enjoy and feel energised by their work, as well as proud. Our assembly crews, drivers and crane drivers have been working together closely for years. They know each other through and through and know exactly where each person’s qualities lie. Our draughtsmen are in close contact with the workshop, and the boardroom door is always open if someone is struggling with something, has an idea or wants to discuss anything else. 

Young people are the future

We are also a real training company, where we always have students and interns gaining experience, supplementing their study with practical experience or conducting research. Some people learn best from books, while others prefer watching and doing. We enjoy offering people the opportunity to learn a trade that makes them happy. 

And we learn a lot from them too. Because when you as young people questions, you’ll always get a surprising answer back. Together we make our company smarter and better. Truly together, because we hate having things imposed from above.