Clients also increasingly ask us to take on contracts according to Design & Build principles. This means we’re responsible for both the design and the construction. We really enjoy these kinds of projects as we’re involved from the very start, helping devise the best design and most efficient production method. It’s an opportunity for us to make optimum use of our specialist knowledge. 

Smart design and production

You send a Design Brief to our own design department and senior structural engineer, including the dimensions and building height as well any compliance requirements the structure needs to meet for zoning plans and permits. We then get to work to produce the smartest possible design, which we can also produce as efficiently as possible using our machinery. 

We did this for the new Hebels industrial hall in Oosterhout, a building that needed to meet specific requirements because of the large machinery it was to house. Hebels gave us the dimensions and specifications and we produced the design and the structure, as well as taking care of the assembly. The Hebels industrial hall now houses two heavy cranes, each with a 25-tonne lifting capacity. 

Even faster and more precise

We are currently building our own new factory. This means we will soon be proud owners of Europe’s most innovative steelworks. The new machinery will enable us to produce faster and with greater precision and enable us control even more machinery via the design software. We are anticipating that we will then be able to carry out more Design & Build contracts.