We design, produce and now also assemble multiple types of gantries for Arel bvba for above the motorway in Belgium. These include single-beam gantries with 2 columns, double-beam gantries with 2 columns, double-beam M gantries with 3 columns or double-beam hanging gantries with 1 column.  These are used to hang traffic signs, matrix signs and cameras etc. above the motorway. 

We produce these products under CE EN1090 EXC3, with additional requirements, building specifications and checks from Belgian government agencies in Flanders and Wallonia. These requirements exceed CE EN1090 with respect to material properties, welding controls and finish.

In this example, we produced 4 hot-dipped galvanised double beam gantries with railing and 2 cage ladders for the Port of Antwerp.