Great things are developed through cooperation; we know this from experience. That’s why we also manage actively toward this. We do this internally, by really valuing teamwork. And externally, in our relationships with clients and partners. That’s why we’ve also fully embraced working methods such as Lean. Lean fits us like a tailored suit and we employ this both internally and on projects.

Lean building = cooperation

Lean for us means creating maximum value for the customer by making the most efficient use of time, materials and production processes. So we add value by reducing wastage and preventing failure costs. Cooperation is vital in this.

Time gains through lean construction

For example, we used lean principles for engineering and implementation to realise The Tube distribution centre on Het Laar business park. As supplier and subcontractor, we worked intensively with main contractor Heembouw from early on in the process. We coordinated the work in three big lean sessions (engineering, frame, finishing), enabling us to construct together effectively and efficiently. 

When realising NewLogic IIIon Het Laar business park, the complete main structural frame comprised some 2,500 tonnes of steel. The good lean preparations enabled us to produce, assemble and coat this structure in under four months.