Continuous focus on innovation

We have always recognised the importance of innovation. That’s why we’ve invested in new premises, software, robots and machinery, making us one of the first companies in the Netherlands to use robotisation in the steel industry. We feel it is important that we have our own equipment. We have the following: eight assembly vans, two rigid trucks, two delivery vans, one 90-tonne crane, two 70-tonne cranes, one 40-tonne crane, thirty telescopic booms and twenty scissor lifts. And we’ll be adding to these in the future.

A solution for every demand

True quality products can only be delivered with well-oiled and optimised operational processes. We always grasp new opportunities and technologies with both hands, so we remain precise, fast and efficient and ensure that our clients benefit from this. Our employees are just as important. We employ true craftsmen who enjoy making things with their hands as well as people who think it’s fantastic to operate a robot. This combination enables us to offer a solution for all our clients’ requirements, which is something we’re very proud of.