Our language of steel is understood everywhere

Our steel structures leave our Someren and Esbeek sites for delivery across the globe. We took our first steps across the border 40 years ago when we built our first brick factory in Belgium. Now our engineers and project leaders regularly fly to France, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom for projects. They also visit Russia, the United States, Canada, Congo, the Philippines, South Africa and many more countries. We help build industrial halls, compound feed factories, mushroom farms, brick factories and wind canopies.

Efficient and reliable

We work for Dutch clients who are starting businesses or expanding abroad and they engage us because of our price and delivery reliability. They know they can rely on us to stick to the timeframe. 

That’s how we came into contact with a machine builder who was initially seeking a steel builder in the country where he was exporting his machinery. Our extensive automation and digitisation enable us to produce steel structures much more efficiently than the steel builders in the country concerned. Communication is another reason clients often decide not to go with a local supplier. Building plans and the design of the steel structure are always subject to change, even at the last minute. When that happens, it’s much more difficult to communicate with a steel builder in Russia or Africa than it is with us, in your own language.

Delivery and assembly

Sometimes we only deliver and we send the structure on transport. But much more often we also take care of the assembly on site. After all, our engineers know exactly what needs to be done and have the know-how for fast, proper and efficient structure assembly. 

For example, we recently shipped 12 sea containers with steel to Canada to assemble a large mushroom farm there. And our assembly team also assembled a temporary wind canopy in three days from 28,500 kilos of steel in front of the EU VIP terminal entrance in Vienna, Austria.