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Accuracy, speed and efficiency. Manufacturing quality products requires a well-organized, optimized operational process. We continuously invest in the latest software, techniques and knowledge. Our showpiece is the welding robot we developed in-house in collaboration with Produlas. Reijrink Staalconstructie is among one of the first companies in the Netherlands to use robotics in steel construction.

From our modern offices – and with our characteristic no-nonsense mentality – we create both straightforward and high-profile projects. Our work can be found throughout the Netherlands, but also far beyond. Our work ranges from a watchtower in a beautiful scenic area ‘just around the corner’ to a feed mill in Chelny, Russia. Our ‘Language of Steel’ is spoken and understood everywhere. A selection of the projects we have created is presented in our portfolio.

For many years, Reijrink Staalconstructie has taken its social responsibility seriously. That is why we have made CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) one of our priorities. Within our business operations we continuously balance business, people and the environment. To us, CSR means that:

  • We make conscious choices when we organize our operational processes
  • We employ local people whenever possible
  • We minimize waste and recycle
  • We conserve energy
  • We focus on the immediate vicinity for our sponsorship activities
  • We ensure that this ideology is understood and used at all levels of the company